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Office Space Leasing

Need a suitable office space to conduct your business and professional activities…?
We at Leasing India can provide you, your type of office space on Lease or Rent. We have a wide range of office space available on lease. It doesn’t matter what size of office space you require, just call us once and feel the difference. We have offices available on rent from 100 sq feet to 1 Lac sq feet or even more, (Depends upon your requirements).

We can even Provide:-

* Office on lease on built to suite basis.

This is the method of leasing property where the developer or landlord undertakes a building construction according to the tenants specifications. In this way, landlord will provide the property interiors, exteriors exactly the way tenant wants on mutual terms and conditions. In this way landlord will provide your type of office space on lease

We are just a call away to fulfil your rental office needs
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